i2Eye Congress: Autumn course on retinal imaging

High resolution imaging technologies, exemplified by adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy (AOO) and optical coherence tomography (OCT) are progressively transferring from the lab to the clinic. This is an opportunity to better understand retinal diseases, to optimize their management but also to provide novel biomarkers for other medical specialties. However, there is still an unmet need in the field of clinical interpretation of AOO images, and more importantly in the integration of AOO into clinical practice.


In this context, the FRCRnet network is organizing a meeting on adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy and OCT, that will take place in Paris, on October 12th to 14th, 2020. This year, the multidisciplinary nature of retinal imaging will be expanded through a series of sessions mixing physicists, biologists and ophthalmologists around specific medical issues. The congress will be divided in sessions on RPE, photoreceptors, vessels, optic nerve layer and anterior segment. Each topic will be addressed by speakers from complementary fields of expertise (ophthamology, physics, biology, mathematics). This is a unique opportunity to cross-fertilize fields of knowledge for a better understanding of diseases and also for better clinical care.


Poster sessions, visits of the high resolution imaging unit of the 15-20 and of the Vision institute, and specific training on the rtx1 will take place around the conference room.


Contact: esther.le-gall@inserm.fr