September 4 & 5, 2019: Adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy and OCT meeting

High resolution imaging technologies, exemplified by adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy (AOO) and optical coherence tomography (OCT) are progressively transferring from the lab to the clinics. This is an opportunity to better understand retinal diseases, to optimize their management but also to provide novel biomarkers for other medical specialties. However, there is still an unmet need in the field of clinical interpretation of AOO images, and more importantly in the integration of AOO into clinical practice.


The goal of this course was to report on the latest advances of high resolution imaging, both on its technical and medical aspects,  Physicists, ophthalmologists, and technicians will share their thoughts and experiences in the use and interpretation of AOO. This course comprised basic knowledge on high resolution optical imaging and then described a wide variety of normal and pathological retinal images as observed multimodally with AO and OCT technologies, with a clinical focus on the clinical AO rtx1 device. Attendees brought their own clinical cases or technical questions for collective discussion at the end of the session.


The second day was devoted to training sessions: one for clinicians, imaging patients at the Quinze-Vingts hospital; the other for technical experts, with a visit of the QuinzeVingts Hospital imaging facility.